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July 27th, 2017
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Office Furniture Online

Office desk dividers will give you an efficient way of working if you have a number of employees but a limited space. Office desk dividers otherwise known as ‘freestanding’ walls help to divide up your office giving workers a better level of privacy and noise reduction which you won’t get with open plan office desks.  If there are a number of workers in a small area the distracting phone calls and busy switchboard will be things of the past.

Measure your office space and include individual measurements of each office desks and / or computer desk you aim to be dividing up.
The key is to understand fully what workers use their work space for and what they do whilst sat at their office desks (e.g. how far can they reach for something and whether they need to be partitioned with a particular piece of office furniture or office equipment such as the photocopier).

Asking employees what they would deem as the most appropriate workstations for their needs would be a better idea.
Ensure measurements include the right height or all your office furniture so it fits well in the divides.

Good office partitions will last you for years to come and at least just as long as your other office furniture should last you for!!

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