Neck Pain

Sitting at the wrong desk all day could be doing more harm than you think…

The way in which you sit at your office desk could be causing neck strain. This can lead to neck pain, headaches and even pins and needles in your arms. This is not something that you have to put up with. You can make minor adjustments to the way in which you sit at your desk and relieve the discomfort in your neck.

This is something that you should think about if you are investing in new office furniture such as next day Duo Desks. Before you make this major investment, consider how you could safeguard your posture and your comfort.

Look after your posture with next day Duo Desks

Most desks are around 29” in height and fit an ‘average’ office worker. The problem with this is that very few office workers are ‘average’. If you are just a few inches shorter or taller than average, you can find yourself in a very uncomfortable position when you are sat at a desk all day.

If your desk is too high, it will cause the shoulders to be overworked and your arm muscles may start to ache. Hunching the shoulders becomes a habit and the neck, shoulders and upper spinal column pay the price. This is easy to identify. Look at yourself in the mirror and check if your shoulders are raised towards your ears. If you feel a stretch as you try to bring them down it can indicate that you have been working for too long in a tense position. The trapezius muscles are found at the top of your shoulders, and they will feel tight and sore.

It is also likely that you are lifting your head to look at your monitor and this can cause tension, strain and discomfort in your neck. Adjust your chair or desk to alleviate the strain.

Working at a desk that is too low for you can also cause postural problems. You will need to work for long periods holding your arms out so that you can reach the keyboard and mouse. The muscles in your arms will soon become fatigued and this leads to pain.

A tall person who works at a low desk tends to adopt a ‘slumped’ posture. This puts a lot of strain on the soft tissues (muscles, ligaments and tendons) in the shoulders, neck and upper back. Over time, this can lead to tension and weakness. Postural problems caused by poor working practices can take months to rectify and can cause a great deal of pain and discomfort. It is best to prevent them with high quality, ergonomically designed office furniture.

Making the right purchase for your stature

Take some time to choose the correct office desk for your stature. There is a huge range of office furniture to suit all shapes and sizes at Office Furniture Online. You can choose from next day Duo Desks and chairs to suit all budgets. Make neck pain a thing of the past with new desk that is just right for you.

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