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Office chairs essentially are simple components that play one of the most important and essential roles in daily office tasks. Office chairs as pieces of office furniture are often the prime suspect for stress and body aches and is the prime candidate when it comes to accidents. Here are some tips to maximising your seating pleasure with good ergonomic office chairs.


Follow assembly instructions. Assemble all pieces for the office chair perfectly to avoid accidents.

Give attention to all office chair components and make sure you carry out safety checks, such as double-checking that casters and wheels are assembled correctly to the base of the office chair.

Always buy office chairs with 5-legged bases.

Ask the office furniture retailer what office furniture is best for you depending upon your floor coverings.

Buy office chairs fully equipped with tension control mechanisms.


Put force on your office chair when you lean back to avoid lifting the wheels or casters completely off the floor or you will lose balance.

Don’t put your weight on the front edge of your office chair or it will tip over.

Don’t leave electrical equipment on upholstered office chairs due to fire hazards.

Make sure to inspect your office chair regularly.

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