While you may want style and elegance in your office chairs the sad fact is that the style of an office chair often takes precedence over comfort and function. Sitting at a desk in an uncomfortable chair for seven or eight hours a day, five days a week, usually ends in back problems, neck ache and circulation troubles – all this can be avoided if you balance your desire for a stylish chair, against its function.

Since the mid 1990’s, the mesh office chair has proved to be popular both in terms of its looks and its functionality, with their adjustable arm rests and lumbar support. The mesh chair is still quite popular and the ergonomic mesh chairs in today’s offices are generally crafted from a higher grade of mesh that resists sagging and is even more comfortable than its predecessor.

When it comes to comfort and adaptability, a more recent addition to the office scene is the rolling office chair. The additional support and flexibility of these chairs has made them extremely popular. Some companies find that furnishing the office with rolling chairs resulted in an increase in productivity as the rolling feature means that staff does not have to leave their chairs every time they need the filing cabinet. Whatever style you choose it is important to consider the various models to find which one you think may best accommodate your staff.

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    This work surface that gets its name from its shape. A bullet top table differs from a standard desk in “L” or “U” configurations.   From above, it has a round circular shape and is typically supported by a single post or leg.

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