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October 22nd, 2017
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Most office furniture has had a pretty hard time of it in terms of wear and tear, and so most people settle for cheap wood or laminate desktops. Executive office furniture on the other hand might not receive such harsh treatment and so it is worth spending a bit extra. Solid oak desks are often favoured over mahogany desks, and although they may cost more, with the right type of treatment they can last for years.

If you decide to furnish your executive office with oak furniture then there are a few things you need to remember if you want your oak desk etc to continue looking its best. You need a well ventilated office, preferably with air conditioning if you are going to have oak furniture. Extremes of temperature and too much humidity can affect oak as it is liable to contract or expand. If you have an oak desk or other oak office furniture then you should keep it well away from direct sunlight as it can affect the wood.

When you have an oak desk you need to be careful about the way you open drawers, you should also make sure that any oak furniture is dusted on a regular basis. To keep your oak desk looking good you should treat it with oil three or four times a year and not move its position too frequently if you want to avoid scratches and other defects.

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