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If a piece of office furniture is made from solid wood it will have been dried slowly in a kiln and will retain only 6 percent of its moisture after the process. Due to the wood being so hardy and solid it is often used to support the full weight of the office desk and is often carved into structural parts such as the legs or the frame. Solid wood is expensive, but of amazing quality and provides one of the best materials for luxury office furniture.  The problem is, it tends to be cumbersome and transportation costs are high because the solid frame cannot be dismantled while the office furniture item is in transit and of course it is also one of the heaviest materials.

Particleboard and plywood became popular materials for office furniture due to the solid wood expanding and contracting in accordance with the humidity in the environment. These two materials tend to be used quite often as the top of an office desk and on the framework of wooden filing cabinets.

Veneer is often used to create an illusion that particleboard and other materials is one solid block of wood. Veneer is used for aesthetic purposes and is normally a thin slice of wood that has been selected for its features. Using veneer for furniture is an ancient practice which dates back to the 17th Century in Egypt and Rome.

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  • Stackable

    This is a storage feature of office furniture, such as chairs, partitions, or other items that can be stacked. Office partitions can be stacked to create additional privacy and acoustic strength. In relation to office chairs, these allow for space saving when not in use and stored away.

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