Managing staff is not the easiest job in the world, after all everyone is different and people respond to different things. However, if you are going to start managing people you do need to look at yourself and notice the ways in which you work and how well you are doing in your performance because this will reflect directly on your own staff’s performance.

If you see one of your staff absent from their office desks for most of the day, or sat chatting with their co-workers then you need to start tackling the reasons why this is happening because if it is left then everyone else will follow suit.

If you are managing staff you have to be completely clear on what your expectations are of them, so they understand you from the beginning. A manager needs to provide the focus for the group and prioritise procedures, particularly where problems arise.

Be crystal clear on the larger picture and the main purpose of every endeavour. Keep regular conversations going with your staff and hold regular staff meetings at least weekly. In these you can be sat at your office desks, but ensure there is at least one monthly meeting in a designated meeting room to organise your staff and catch up on their efforts.

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