Making the office a greener place

September 17th, 2017
Office Furniture Online

Office Furniture Online

Many organisations are beginning to recognise the need to change their environment into a greener place and have become more aware of the damage that certain office furniture equipment and office supply manufacturing can do to the environment.
Making the office a more eco-friendly place is simpler than you think:
Green lighting
Change fluorescent and incandescent bulbs to energy saving bulbs or LED’s. An LED is both cost effective as well as eco-friendly, having a longer life span than original light solutions.
Use warmer hues for the lighting in certain places to change the mood of the office, these bulbs come in a range of deep beige for a relaxing, cozier feel or blue / green for a cooling, calming effect.
Plants are not only popular and trendy around the office they also look good and inspire staff. A potted plant on the top of office furniture like desks, filing cabinets and shelves really brighten up the atmosphere.  Plants will also help to reduce the harmful particles that are released from printers, photocopiers, upholstery, and computer screens because they absorb toxins.
Green Furniture
Nowadays with more office furniture manufacturers producing greener products, there is a choice to buy energy efficient eco friendly goods that do not emit harmful chemicals during their process.
Stop throwing away used plastic cups and re-use them as a penholder. Use old pieces of paper for making notes rather than using new.  Adjust your print quality to draft this will save on the amount of ink you use and will also save you money.

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