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If hiring security is out of the question, what can you do to create a safer workplace?

Health and safety at work is vitally important, but for many employers it can seem like something that is barely applicable to them. Certainly, in the manufacturing or construction industries, for example, it’s clear to see how safety should be applied, but what about in your average office? Surely there are barely any hazards to worry about when all you work with is a desk and computer?

However, even in a seemingly safe environment such as an office, it’s crucial that employees feel their safety is being taken seriously. For you as their employer, safety should be at the forefront of everything you do, as having happy, well workers can make all the difference to your efficiency as a company. Here are some ideas to help you make your workplace safer and happier for everyone.

Take care of their physical well being

If your workers spend long hours sitting at their desks, instigate reasons for them to get up and move more often. Put the printer further away, have a two minute shake up once an hour, invest in sit-stand desks; all physical exercise is good. Make sure they are sitting comfortably too, with ergonomic desks and chairs to prevent back and neck problems caused by poor posture.

Consider mental wellbeing too

Checking in with staff regularly can ensure they don’t end up too stressed or feeling down about their job. Simply asking them to rate their day on a scale of one to ten as they leave work can identify downward trends before things become a problem. Having a culture of openness and honesty really helps people feel happier too, so make sure you are encouraging the right atmosphere in work.

Make evacuation processes a priority

All staff should know where their muster point is in the event of a fire, terrorist attack or other emergency and there should be appointed staff members who will take the lead in this type of situation. Using in / out boards will let you quickly take stock of who is there and who isn’t, and regular drills will help people get to grips with what they need to do in the event of an emergency.

Ensure digital security too

With so much information stored both online and on your premises, making digital security a priority for your business is a must. This will not only protect your company from fraud, hacking and malicious programs, but will also help your staff feel that they are protected too. After all, you not only hold sensitive information about clients on your servers, you have your staff’s personal information and bank details too.

Organise your workplace

Make sure you know the rules around any hazardous materials, equipment or products that you might keep in your workplace. Even simple items such as bleach should be appropriately stored and managed, so ensure you understand what comes under COSHH and requires a locked cupboard. Make first aid points visible and well stocked and invest in first aid training for key members of staff so that there is always someone in the building who can help if an accident occurs.

Check out our range of health and safety products to see what you can do to make things safer at work, and use basic products such as in / out boards to make the management of staff movements easier.

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