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Office furniture and especially items that are made of wood such as filing cabinets, office desk and chairs need to be properly taken care of. If you look after your wood furniture in the right way it will always look aesthetically pleasing and means your office furniture will last for longer.

Tips for looking after wooden office furniture:

Make sure you place your office desk and chair away from a radiator and any other places where the temperature will change drastically such as near air vents and air conditioning units.

If you place wooden furniture in any direct sunlight it will cause the wood to fade.

Be careful with what type of rubber or plastic materials you put on the surface of your office desk, certain materials will damage the wood.

To avoid marks on your desk rotate the accessories that sit on the surface regularly.

Always protect the surface when you are drinking beverages.

If you spill anything onto the wood make sure you clean it immediately and blot it rather than wipe it.  Water left on wood for long periods of time will cause spotting in the wood, as will alcohol or perfume.

When you are writing with a ballpoint pen use a protective pad on the surface of the office desk so you don’t scar the wood.

Good quality wooden office furniture is a worthy investment that will last for years to come.

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