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Not all jobs that are advertised as working from home are legitimate so be carefully where you look and what the job asks of you.
Address your reasons for working from home these are not always legitimate either.

Do you want to sit in your office chair in your leisure gear whilst you think about your ex co-workers sitting in tight business suits at their stuffy office desks?

Do you want all the luxuries home office furniture brings including comfort and the chance to be sat calmly in your own surroundings?
Some legitimate jobs working from home include:

Home day-care for children.

If you have a medical degree you could consider medical transcriptions from your local health authorities these can be easily written on your computer from your office desk in the comfort of your own home.

Copywriting, freelance and ghost writing are all legitimate jobs you can do from home.

If you are qualified as an accountant with your own clientele, keeping spreadsheets and accountancy files and information are all a perfect reason to setting up an office at home successfully.

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  1. kirsty patterson

    Hi my names kirsty patterson.
    I am currently a waitress but my daughter is now at school and i am looking to change my working hour, So have decided to have a career change. I have previously worked in an office but that was before i had my daughter who is now 5. I would really like to get back into this kind of work but with having a daughter its slighly harder to find an office job to meet my needs which is why i believe working from home is perfect for us as a family.

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