Kids at work

February 28th, 2018

Virtually every summer, parents who work in offices or other outside work places find themselves plunged into the expensive and confusing problem that is the childcare crisis.

Surely it would be cheaper to take the kids to the office with you? A number of parents and children who did just this were interviewed, giving a variety of outcomes.

The Guardian newspaper decided to run a range of experiments to find out what would happen if people took their children to work, and not everyone in the poll that took part thought it was a good idea.

Children’s ages ranged from 2 to 15 years old


One person commented to a parent. “Why don’t we all just bring our dining room tables in?” This type of attitude was in the most part distressing to parents.

One exercise saw two children playing quietly underneath the office desks near the production meeting which seated 8 adults. Two teenagers sat and listened out of respect but looked completely bored.

A corridor office had office desks placed side by side set up with Play-Doh and paper and crayons but the surroundings were far from familiar to the children. Water coolers were emptied almost immediately.  Most of the office chairs were spun round and round. A 7 year old boy decides to grab his father’s chair and push it around the office floor making train noises.

Gangs of children start to congregate around the empty water coolers to play games of football with anything they can get their hands on.

Eerie silences were welcome, however, many parents started to fidget and worry that the silences meant their children were causing trouble.

Without continuing too far into the experiment The Guardian did quickly identify that taking children to work was probably an extremely bad idea in nearly all cases for everyone involved.

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