It’s an Old Spanish Custom

December 6th, 2017
Office Furniture Online

Office Furniture Online

If you are in charge of a long running family business you will probably agree that many of the practices, problems and policies, are in place not because of their effectiveness but due to the way the company has always done things. It may be customary in your business not to pay an invoice until you get a red letter, but it does nothing for your professional reputation. One of the hardest things to overcome in any business is the development of company customs that have long since served their purpose.

Human beings love to hold onto things, whether that means a wonky office chair, windows that don’t open or any of the other various habits or customs that develop over time. Hanging on to office furniture that is long past its sell by date and probably contravenes every health and safety law going is bad for business. Your staff may have got used to propping up desks with telephone directories or hot-desking because there are not enough computers to go round, but these things do nothing for your company image. If you want to be seen as a forward looking and dynamic company then the first thing you should do is get rid of everything that keeps you tied to the past.

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    This work surface that gets its name from its shape. A bullet top table differs from a standard desk in “L” or “U” configurations.   From above, it has a round circular shape and is typically supported by a single post or leg.

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