Bistro Furniture

Bistro Furniture

Have you noticed recently just how dull canteen furniture can be? I mean look at the café’s you see on TV and you’ll find the same dull, dirty plastic chairs and battered tables no matter if it’s Albert Square or the Apprentice. We’re amazed at this as there really is no need to suffer from this dowdy downbeat furniture when there are some superb alternatives available today.

Take for example our range of bistro furniture which includes tables, chairs, and stools; in fact everything you need to transform your canteen or bistro. And the beauty of all this is that because we buy in bulk we are able to pass some major savings onto you if you need to kit out your canteen or restaurant.

Take for example our canteen chairs, available from just £10 and our canteen tables from only £49. These will instantly brighten up any eating area and provide the clean bright ambiance which diners have come to expect. Forget the old greasy tables and chairs, consign them to history and liven up your establishment with some of our clean modern furniture.

We can even supply a wonderful Pablo Walnut Bistro Bundle which includes a table and four chairs, in chrome and polished wood finish for just £271, and that included a manufacturers guarantee and free next day delivery.

So don’t compromise on your bistro furniture, call us today and talk to one of our advisers and let us see if we can help you transform your business.


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