should you invest in new furniture

Don’t leave it to chance… discover why investing in new furniture could be great for business.

When you’re running a business, you’re always watching the bottom line. Balancing profits against costs is tough and often it’s unnecessary expenditure that goes out the window first.

Each purchasing decision has to be justified and if it can’t improve your bottom line, it’s probably seen as frivolous.

However, if you know that the office furniture needs an update, here are some cast-iron reasons why investing in better furniture is better for your business.

Solid business cases for investing in new furniture

Improve your brand

If you moved into your current office years ago, and you’re still using the furniture you bought then (or worse, brought with you!) then it’s highly likely it’s no longer fit for purpose.

If your office looks tired, your brand probably does too. Lack of care and attention to your environment not only rubs off on the office culture but also the image you portray to customers and clients.

Control your spending

It might seem contrary that shelling out on a heap of new furniture items could actually get your spending under control – but look at it from another perspective.

Do you know how much you’re currently spending every month on maintenance, repair and replacement of chairs, desks and other furniture pieces?

Constant replacement and maintenance of an item here, and item there can add up. To say nothing of the repeated delivery and installation charges. Start from scratch with modern furniture that comes with a guarantee.

Get rid of unnecessary clutter

This could be an opportunity to make the working environment more minimal. You probably have countless files stored in cupboards and drawers. Time to make use of that document storage account you have by clearing out the office and bringing in new, space-saving pieces that will encourage your staff to store wisely.

Improve productivity

Believe it or not, working in an aging office can significantly reduce productivity in your staff. You probably experience it yourself, too.

Boost your workforce by transforming that old space into a modern open-plan environment, encouraging collaboration and boosting your business.

Project an image of growth

Take photos of the office as it is now and use them in promotional material. Then, when you’re ready, get rid of the old furniture, replace it with a brand-new modern range and layout, and send out your next newsletter.

Without you ever mentioning it, every one of your clients will notice the difference. Without needing a massive ad campaign, you’ve just told the most important people, your customers, that business is booming and you’re planning for the future.

Boost your business with Protocol Beam Office Desks

Use this advice in your business case and we’re sure you’ll soon want to invest in some brand-new furniture. How about our Protocol Beam Office Desks? We’re not kidding – this range is bang up-to-date and as on-trend as you could ask for.

Protocol Beam Office Desks are practical but stunningly simple with a choice of cool accent colours. Chairs and storage add-ons mean you can kit out the whole office in one go, transforming your brand overnight.

Check out the full range here or talk to our sales team for advice on picking the right items.

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