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During the working day it may benefit you to make small modifications to office furniture and equipment to help you become more productive.

There are lots of ways to use office furniture to improve your wellbeing. Knowing how to use furniture properly will help to avoid accidents and will prevent muscle pain from stiff necks or lower back pain.

Tips on using office furniture better:

* Position your computer screen so that it is at the same level as your eyes.
* Adjust your office chair height so your knees are perfectly square to the floor.
* Place any office furniture where it doesn’t block any view or window.
* Don’t face office desks into the window or towards any light source to avoid screen glare.

There is another concern that scientists are considering in the workplace which is air pollution. It is thought that some printers produce indoor pollution that can make workers ill.

A number of office furniture interior designing experts have discovered that positioning of office furniture and office layout makes a big on the health of staff, including affecting their mood. This means that positioning office furniture in the correct manner will make staff less tired and more productive.

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    The ABM, as the organisation is known as, is a trade association that represents the interests of the British furniture industry. This organisation is run by members for members and the wider industry.  Apart from retailers, the supply chain is also important to BFM, so associate members include suppliers, retailers and ancillary companies to the trade.

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