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Our tub chairs could be the perfect statement piece to elevate your office style.

Just as our natural environment can have an impact on how we feel, so the environment of an office can affect the mood, motivation and inspiration of those inside it. While it’s not always possible to take your staff for a walk on the beach to relax them during the day, it is achievable to offer them a design led, tidy and organised workspace that is conducive to getting the job done.

Investing in improving your office environment is always going to be money well spent, but for many businesses the money just isn’t there. Here are some amazing ideas for increasing the elegance of your workplace, without needing to spend a fortune.

  1. Surround yourself with meaningful art

Please, if there’s one thing you actually go and do today, make it to get rid of that horrifying corporate art. From cats dangling from ledges to eagles accompanied by motivational quotes, they aren’t inspiring; they’re just tacky. Make your own art using a favourite poem, a close up or artsy shot of your people or products or something else that is relevant and meaningful to the people in the room.

  1. Make it smell good

Air freshener is only a couple of pounds a can but improving the way your workplace smells has been proven to be a worthwhile modification. In a test, data entry clerks achieved 54 per cent fewer errors when they could smell lemon, and 33 per cent less when typing to the scent of jasmine. It’s a small improvement but could deliver amazing results.

  1. Organise your space

Having a place for everything and everything in its place is sure to please your mum, but it’s going to do wonders for your workforce too. There are a surprising number of employee hours wasted searching for the hole punch or rifling through disorganised filing cabinets. Make the work day more productive every day by sorting, throwing away and organising everything in a more logical fashion.

  1. Have a few key pieces of furniture

Going designer doesn’t necessarily mean replacing everything in the room. Sometimes just a few accent pieces are a great way to modernise your space. A couple of brightly coloured tub chairs which can be used for impromptu meetings or a funky coat stand can add to your designer look and start to improve the feel of your office.

  1. Bring the outside in

There is a wealth of research into the benefits of living plants in the office. From filtering out allergens from the air to reducing stress levels, our little green friends will be a welcome addition to any space. If you can’t cope with living plants, artificial alternatives can still improve the look of the room, but for maximum benefit go for a couple of large living specimens.

Office overhauls can be done on a budget, and sometimes it’s the little changes that make the biggest impact. Here at Office Furniture Online, we have a huge range of statement furniture pieces such as tub chairs, as well as solutions for all your organisation and storage needs. Talk to our team if you have any questions.


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