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Should you go for wood or metal office desks?  Do you need a leather or metal office chair? Do you really need a computer desk? What type should you go for?

Knowing how to select the best and most appropriate office furniture for your requirements is a minefield.

Well there are a number of things to consider before you pick the office furniture that is best for your purpose;  location of natural or artificial lighting, location of power points, noise levels, space, ergonomic qualities of the office furniture, employees tasks, visitors to the office, mobility of office furniture, colour scheme and durability.

According to recent research, the most common factor that is overlooked is ensuring office desks, chairs, computer desks and other items can be adjusted to various heights.  Efficiency is the most important issue when laying out a new office and not just how it looks aesthetically.  If the office is well planned and the office furniture is versatile to the user whilst being spaced in an efficient manner you will get more out of your employers and your space.  Additionally, warmer colours will have a calmer effect on the atmosphere in the office.
Tom Reardon at the Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association stated that purchasers should remember when choosing their office furniture they need to consider the work that their employees will be doing. This includes the amount of time workers spend at their computer desks and sat in their office chairs or talking on a telephone etc.

Reardon also stated that larger companies and corporations normally call in professional designers to plan and purchase their new office furniture, whilst smaller firms typically make their own decisions.
Cubicle office furniture will minimise noise in a busy office as the panels that separate each work station have specific acoustical properties.

By intelligent usage of certain floor coverings and using ceiling treatments it is also possible to minimise noise, these things are sometimes overlooked when office furniture is being replaced.

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    This is the body of a computer desk, which may encase the computer hardware.

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