Computer Desks

Computer Desks

Computers more than any other device have changed our lives beyond recognition in a relatively short time, finding their way into almost every aspect of our lives.  With the increase in use comes the risk of injury or ailments from vision problems to wrist injuries. Many people suffer computer related injuries every year, but with a little care you can avoid many of these problems.

The first thing to consider is the way you sit.  The best way to sit is in a neutral position, with natural alignment of all your joints from head to toe. This helps to reduce the stress and strains on muscles, and tendons.

To maintain a natural body position ensures your hands, wrists and forearms are in a row and parallel to the floor. Your head and body are in line with head slightly bent forward and balanced, and your elbows are close to your body and close to right angles.  While leaning forward or back ensure your lower back has good support, this will stop you ‘arching’ and forming the hunched position.

Although you may be sitting in the best position at your computer desk, it’s not healthy to maintain the same position for long periods, try making slight adjustments or standing up and having a short walk to make a drink or get some fresh air.

Often overlooked is the monitor, usually they are bundled with your computer but it’s  important to ensure the monitor is not too bright, positioned at least 35cm from your eyes and the top of the monitor should be at your eye level.  If you find it difficult to read you will find yourself leaning forward and hunching your shoulders. If your find yourself squinting or leaning forward it may be wise to have your eyes are tested to make sure you can clearly see the monitor.

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  • Task Light

    This is an additional light source situated at a desk or workstation for the specific use of that user.   A task light can be free-standing or mounted underneath an overhead storage cabinet to keep surfaces uncluttered.

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