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What could you do to reduce inefficiency in your mailroom?

Running a successful business relies on maximising efficiency in every process. Designing a well thought out mailroom can help to reduce staff time for sorting, distributing and organising mail, helping the whole business to run like a well-oiled machine.

From the positioning of furniture to the investment in sort units, mailroom trolleys and other equipment, having a good plan in mind when designing the mailroom can make everything just that little bit easier. Here are some top tips for designing and efficient mailroom for your business, so that you can ensure every piece of mail is handled correctly, every time.

Build in a logical workflow

Mail processes are somewhat repetitive, and this means there is potential scope for human error. By making specialist equipment available and designing in a logical workflow, you can reduce the risk of things going wrong and important pieces of mail being lost.

As well as designing your workflow well, having the right people available at the right time will help too. Mailroom workers need to be comfortable, confident and motivated, so make sure you’ve done everything you can to make their job a bit easier.

Consider the size of your mailroom

Think about not only the physical size of the space you have to work with, but also the volume of mail that will be passing through the system. If you’re only a small business conducting most transactions online, you probably won’t need huge mailroom trolleys or big sorting systems. However, for larger companies or those that rely on a lot of paper-based business, equipment is going to be much more important.

Think about ergonomics

As well as being a requirement for good health and safety at work, ergonomics are highly important for the health and well being of your workers too. Think about the height of benches, adjustability of chairs and other equipment, as well as ways you can reduce the amount of bending, stretching and lifting involved in the job.

Consider modernisation

Electronic document management can really help to reduce the amount of work required by your mailroom. Rather than bringing mail to workers on a mailroom trolley, mailroom staff can simply scan and email various pieces of post to the relevant departments. Changes like this can take time to perfect, so introduce them slowly and give people plenty of support through the changes.

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