Let’s face it, you are going to be spending a lot of time in your home office and most of that will be spent sat in your office chair bent over your computer so it is worth your while thinking about ways to make the time you spend in your home office as comfortable as possible. Many people keep a change of clothes in the office and eat at least one main meal at their office desk, which means that you spend at least eight hours a day there.

So why not work out at work too? It may sound strange, but it’s a great idea, especially when you think about the painful effects that a lifestyle of sitting at an office desk all day is wreaking on your fitness levels.

If you have some fitness equipment to work out in your home office, then you have the tools at hand already to change your lifestyle so that the monotony of working can be interrupted from time to time by necessary exercise.

Doing this does serve several purposes: It keeps you healthy and it makes work easier to deal as it can alleviate some of the boredom that may come with repetitive work tasks whilst being trapped in a small space for a long period of time, it also clears your mind, and will help you to perform better when you actually are at the office desk.

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