How to choose your ideal desk height

Like Goldilocks, you need to find the one that’s just right.

No matter where you work – at home, in a small startup or a busy office with lots of teams – it’s important to be comfortable. Sitting incorrectly results in backaches and muscle strain which can distract you from your work. Worse, it can result in long-term damage.

Awareness of ergonomics can help you to adjust your chair and desk to a position that prevents this, but sometimes the desk is the source of all your problems.

Lifting the desk with boosters can help in some instances, but isn’t the best solution. If the desk is too high, no amount of adjustment to your chair is going to work. Sometimes, you just need a new desk.

Here’s some key advice on getting it right the first time with regards to height.

How high is too high?

The ideal surface height of your desk depends on a few factors. You need to consider your own height, the varies duties you perform at it and the setup and layout of the equipment you use on a daily basis.

There’s a very useful tip you can try when deciding if your desk is the right height for you. Sit (or stand) at the position you’d normally be in when at your desk. With your arms at your sides, raise your forearms until your elbow is at 90 degrees.

If your hands are level with the top of the desk or keyboard, you’ve found the perfect height. You’ll probably find the height will be between 28-30” tall, the standard for most people between 5’8” and 5’ 10” tall.

If you happen to be smaller or taller than this, a good adjustable office chair will help you, and consider a footrest too.

This one is just right…

If you’ve been hunched over your desk for some time or reaching for your keyboard, treating yourself to a new desk is going to make a world of difference to your working life.

Backaches, muscle and neck strains and wrist cramps from sitting awkwardly all have a serious impact on your productivity. That’s not all, though. A new desk often feels like a fresh start. Now that it’s the perfect height, make it the perfect workstation by completely customising it to your needs.

Treat yourself to a spring clean; out with all the junk and in with a minimal working system that works for you, not against you.

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