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Could people that work from home be the unsung heroes of modern times?

These people are keeping their families together as they wade through thankless piles of dirty laundry to their solitary office desks or lonely work station. These home office types may sit huddled over their desks on their old wonky typists’ chairs but they are seriously underrated.

No wonder these people don’t get taken seriously; it may be that the home worker doesn’t have to stand on a crowded train every day, but they don’t have workplace ergonomics and IT support staff.

Brighton furniture maker Ollie Clark set up his company with Tessa, his wife who is an interior designer.

He commented recently about typical home offices to Guardian newspapers:

“Most people have a corner at home with a computer in it. If you make it a place you want to spend time in, you’ll be more productive. They design and fit stylish offices using carefully chosen timbers, bearing in mind the fickle nature of technology. A lot of work stations are designed to fit existing computer hardware.”

He continued:

“We delight in bringing order to cable chaos. The office we built for a local Brighton businessman in the corridor of his flat in a converted school had doors in the wall for access to a boiler. We blocked them in with a shelf and a massive office desk. The shelf is removable and the office desk has a hinged section with custom-built shelves and cupboards built into the walls.”

It is also possible to treat yourself as ‘the unsung hero’ to a cheap and handy office furniture accessory that doesn’t have to cost you the price of a fully re-designed office and that is the cushioned and shaped lumbar support which fits most office chairs.  It hangs over the top of the chair and can be used to convert dining and kitchen chairs into comfortable working office chairs.

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