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March 6th, 2018

The prospects for working from home are increasing and the reasons to do so are increasingly enticing.

Of course, if you plan to work from home you will need the right equipment, the right space and the right office furniture.

The location of your office is key to motivation, so is it a good idea to use the garden shed?  The spare bedroom? Or is it worth buying an all purpose built outside office cabin? Perhaps you want to think about the best office in your home whilst also adding to the value of your property?

Pre-fabricated, external office buildings are becoming very popular. There are many companies that will provide self contained office units that fit perfectly on work sites or in your own garden.

For a cheaper option it is obviously easier to use a large garden shed as an office, however, take into account that it will need insulating, electrical fittings and it needs to be big enough to comfortably fit office desks large enough for you to work on.  If you are spending long hours at your desk, you don’t want to be cramped in an uncomfortable tight space.

Home offices that are external may be a little more expensive to set up; however, these are the types of buildings that will give you a better return when you come to sell your home, according to experts.

‘You certainly could fit out a shed or outbuilding and probably get your money back – in fact it would make the space look more like a proper room, albeit one step removed from the main house,’

says Devon estate agent Peter Aldiss.

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