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If you love to stay bang on trend and are looking to make over your home office space, it’s worth knowing what’s hot and what’s not for this year. Here, we’ll take a look at some of the most popular trends in home office design, to help inspire your redecoration project.

  1. Ergonomics

Looking after your health is a numero uno priority when it comes to office design. This year, we’re seeing lots more demand for ergonomic office chairs, foot rests and of course the ubiquitous sit-stand desk.

  1. Grey

We’ve enjoyed a few years where pops of bright colours were all the rage, but this year it seems things are toning down somewhat. The love of grey has returned, and there are some gorgeous colours around this year, from cool blue-greys to warm mauve-greys and everything in between.

  1. Daylight

Blinds are heading for the bin, as more home offices choose to ditch the window dressings in favour of letting the light flood in. Solar film is popular as a means of shading the room from glare and heat, while still letting in plenty of lighting for the task at hand.

  1. Plants

Biophilic design, to give it its posh terminology, is the incorporation of plants into the design of a room. For some time, it’s been known that living plants can give workers a boost both physically and mentally, so get your green fingers out and grab some houseplants.

  1. Antiques

There’s been a huge rise in demand for antique and traditional furnishings for home offices, such as our Argento Solid Mahogany Home Office range. More and more householders are shunning flat pack and laminate in favour of real wood and high-quality pieces; good on them we say!

  1. Eco chic

Being more considerate of the planet has been a growing trend for some time, and this year we’re seeing it manifest itself in upcycled, repurposes and recycled items for the office, from jam jar pen pots to wine box bookcases and more.

  1. Dark woods

For decades now, pale wood has been all the rage, but we’re delighted to see a return of the rich and glamorous dark wood furnishings to many homes this year. Pair our Argento Solid Mahogany Home Office pieces with brightly coloured geometric rugs for a truly modern style.

  1. Metallic accents

Metallic pieces have been fashionable for a few years now, but the big difference this year is in the finish. Forget your rose gold and copper styles, this year it’s all about brass! Expect to see brass lamps, brass edged mirrors and various accessories in home offices everywhere by the end of the year.

One thing we’ve noticed for sure is that while our Argento Solid Mahogany Home Office range used to be reserved for the more traditional homes, now it’s coming back into fashion and is seeing a notable uptick in orders. What are your plans for your home office this year? Why not get in touch with Office Furniture Online and we’ll help you create your ideal workspace.

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