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The Fairfax sofa from Boss Design could be the ideal centrepiece to your luxury reception.

If you’re running a high-end business, you should present the right image to your visitors when they arrive. Investing in a luxurious reception area will help to set the tone for your company, creating the right first impressions and demonstrating that luxury image you’ve worked so hard to get. Here are some top tips to help you create a reception area that’s as luxurious as your business, and which is designed to impress from the moment your visitors step inside.

  1. Make use of space

Nothing says luxury and affluence quite like space. Being able to afford a space that is bigger than you need demonstrates the success of your business, while the light and airy nature of a spacious reception is key to reaching that modern, luxury feel.

  1. Choose quality materials

Whether you’re going for a traditional or contemporary style, choosing high quality materials will ooze quality in your reception area. Think leather rather than leatherette, wood rather than wood veneer and design led looks such as our Boss Design reception range.

  1. Add glamorous touches

From bespoke art pieces to high quality coffee, there are many ways to bring the glam into your reception area design. Make your guests feel not just welcomed but truly looked after by providing comfortable seating, free to use WIFI and quality refreshments while they wait.

  1. Be brand focussed

Adding in your colours, logo or other elements of your brand image makes your luxurious reception feel truly part of your business. Whatever you feel describes your business best, bring the essence of it into your reception area. Don’t overdo the logos though; often just a hint at your corporate branding through the colour of a feature wall or the shape of your reception desk is enough.

  1. Have a statement furniture piece

There should be something in your reception area that is hard to find anywhere else, and a statement furniture piece is a great way to fulfil this need. Something like the Fairfax sofa from our Boss Design reception range is a great choice, or a bespoke reception desk with interesting LED lighting.

Your reception area is the first contact your visitors will have with your business, so if you want them to buy into your luxury brand, investing in a great looking reception area is key. We think the products in our Boss Design reception range fulfil this brief perfectly, so why not take a look and see if you can add some luxurious design touches to your reception room.

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