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Let’s get them off the high street and into your staff canteen instead!

Having an in-house canteen can be great for your business, and your employees too. Studies show that those who eat together work better together, so if you’re in the business of building a stronger team, providing a place to eat and relax can be a great strategy. Ensuring there is healthy, nutritious food on offer can help stave off the afternoon slump and can keep people away from the local pasty shop.

However, providing a canteen seems to be no longer quite enough. The café culture in Britain means many people prefer to head out to the high street to enjoy overpriced coffees than to stay in the building. If you’re sick of seeing your employees trapesing over to Starbucks (or similar) to get their caffeine fix, here’s how you can tempt more people to make use of your in-house canteen.

How to make your canteen more appealing

As part of a survey, staff were asked what would make them more likely to use the staff canteen. Of all the responses given, two thirds agreed that a better variety of meals, meals higher in nutritional value and improved ambience were most likely to increase their use of the canteen.  Here are some great ideas to make your canteen more appealing for your staff:

  • Check out the visuals: Stand outside the door of the canteen and look inside. Does the food and drink look appealing? Is your menu able to be read? What would you change? Having special offers or healthy options readily visible could get more footfall into your canteen.
  • What about the décor: Investing in a makeover for your canteen can pay dividends when it comes to getting staff through the door. Making use of empty space to showcase special offers or new products can add to the appeal of the room, as can the use of better colours, lighting and furnishing.
  • Review your furniture: Having school-type canteens can make workers feel undervalued, so instead of resorting to basic chairs and tables, why not add some comfy seating with coffee tables, or high seats with bistro tables to add variety and more options to the space.
  • Think about the options: Not everyone wants a full on hot meal during the day, so make sure you’ve got a selection of coffee and a snack type offers, as well as plenty of healthy options for those who are looking to maintain a healthy diet.
  • Consider big brands: Having great products is key to a high performing canteen, so consider genuine brands such as Costa or Starbucks for coffee tables, and snacks from appealing companies such as Graze, Muller and Oppo.

Creating a more appealing canteen doesn’t have to be expensive of particularly arduous. Consider taking a staff survey to see what would get more of your workers through the door, and check out our range of canteen furniture and coffee tables for great value inspiration.

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