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It’s no shock that if you sit at a computer desk for eight hours a day, five days a week, you will endure eyestrains and backaches.

Most of us don’t bother to practice good posture and staring downwards at a laptop screen or a poorly positioned computer monitor from an office chair that is set to high will start to result in neck aches.

RSI, aches and pains are common ailments of the modern working office society.

Stretching occasionally doesn’t do much to alleviate these problems.

If nothing is done to alleviate the strain on muscles, joints and bones it doesn’t matter how healthily you may eat or how much exercise you do these aches and pains will follow you into later life.

Thankfully, more employers have begun to realise the reality of the situation and the increased purchase of ergonomic office furniture is on the increase, there is now a great choice of office desks, chairs and computer desks that have your comfort in mind.

Additionally, office furniture accessories such as monitor shields to relief eyestrain are being used more and more.  We are not fully aware of the long term effect that RSI and constant aches and strains will have until the current office furniture generation reach old age.  The last decade was the first to witness the boom of computerization and many jobs evolved into a new way of working.

More recently, David Meyerowitz has developed a Stretch Smart Method which helps office workers increase their concentration through a series of quick stretches, designed for maximum effect in a short time frame, his methods seem to work with those who adopt them but are not enough alone.

Coupled with office furniture ergonomics we can begin to look forward to a less painful future

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