Keep your smile intact

Keeping your smile intact can be hard when you’re suffering.

Pain is an everyday reality for many office workers. Irrespective of whether the workplace is a cause of the pain or not, many employees and self-employed people struggle to complete a full day’s work when they are experiencing pain. Back pain and wrist pain are probably the most common but, of course, all parts of the body can be affected.

It is understandable that workers do not want to take time off. For the self-employed it means that they do not get paid and the reputation of their business suffers. For employees, there are concerns about letting down their team and of giving the impression that they do not value their role.

As well as investing in some high quality, ergonomic office furniture such as next day Polar Desks, there are some steps that everyone can take to ease the pain and make the working day less of an ordeal.

How to make it through the working day if you are in pain

Here are some easy ways to ease the pain in your working day:

  • Poor posture will make things worse. Perhaps poor posture did not cause the pain but it can certainly make it worse. Sitting in a slouched position or with your legs dangling in mid-air will put extra strain on already inflamed soft tissues and the symptoms will get worse. Adopt an upright posture with your feet flat on the ground and with a good lumbar support.
  • Think about all of your body. Posture is not just about your back. Your wrists, shoulders and legs can all hurt if you have poor posture. Make small adjustments so that your hands are parallel with the keyboard and you thighs are sloping gradually downwards towards the knee. Over the length of a full day in work this will make you more comfortable.
  • Set your timer. Set a timer (most smart phones have one) for 20 minutes. As soon as the timer goes off, carefully stand up. Do some gentle stretching of your calves, wrists and ankles. Then sit back down and get on with your work. Take a longer break every hour or so during which you should walk around and preferably get some fresh air.
  • Avoid lifting and straining. If you are already suffering with an injury or a musculoskeletal condition, heavy lifting is going to make matters worse. If something needs moving you should use a trolley or a hoist instead.

Adopting these few easy methods will help you get through the day in less pain. Hopefully you will be able to reduce your dependence on pain killers as well.

How can next day Polar Desks helps with ergonomic health?

There is no doubt that posture is improved by ergonomically designed office furniture. If you want to improve your ergonomic health, it would be a good idea to look at the huge range of next day Polar Desks and other office furniture available at Office Furniture Online. Your working day could get a lot more pleasant

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