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February 1st, 2018
Office Furniture Online

Office Furniture Online

If you do not work in a green office already then the argument for reducing waste and ensuring your office energy is efficient is that in the long run it will save the company a lot of money, and secondly the message it gives out to staff, clients and suppliers is a positive one.  A company that cares about the environment will likely care about their clients.

Helping to reduce landfill by recycling old office furniture is also extremely energy efficient as it will reduce the energy required to produce new office furniture. If you are having your old office chairs upgraded to a comfortable ergonomic chair then donate your old unused office furniture items to charity.

Nominate recycling areas within every office, keeping them close to office desks to encourage staff to use them.

Bathrooms or light switches in large corridors are all great places for installing energy saving devices including low energy light bulbs. Light switches that push in and slowly switch themselves off are a good idea along with touch taps and dryers which turn themselves off to save energy and minimise waste.

Try and look for office furniture items that are made of low VOC material (Volatile Organic Compounds) these materials will affect air quality.

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