Revenge on your painful desk

Don’t go for that axe just yet… read our tips first!

Do you suffer from “office bod”? Do you even know what it is? The answer to that question might reveal a difficult truth – your office desk is hurting you!

Take a moment to assess your sitting position at your desk. Chances are, right now, you’re sitting slouched forward reading this, one elbow on the desk, propping your head up with your arm. Your chair? Well, that’s almost a foot away from the desk, but instead of rolling it nearer, you stretch.

That’s “office bod,” and it’s harming your health.

“Office bod” – not as daft as it sounds

Okay, it’s a crazy name. Here’s a more technical one: “forward head posture”. This is the name ergonomic experts give to the posture of sitting with our head pretty far in front of our shoulders. You know, like leaning propped up on your elbow, reading blogs? That one.

When we’re tired at work, it feels like a natural position to slip into. However, it’s detrimental to your body’s health. It puts stress and strain on the muscles and discs in your neck, as well as your upper back, and can lead to everything from headaches to digestive problems.

Get your payback!

It could well be that your desk is the source of your problems. One common issue is when large, ergonomic and highly practical office chairs also come with armrests. They’re rarely used and can prevent you from pulling your chair close to your desk to sit more comfortably.

Sometimes the problem is that your desk is too low, which invites to you lean into it. Over days and months, that position softens until you’re slouched over your keyboard, mere inches away from the screen.

If you can see individual pixels on your monitor, you’re in trouble – you’re not only tempting eye strain and headaches but storing up all the problems that “office bod” brings with it.

It’s important to sit up (fairly) straight at your desk. Don’t force your back to straighten too much, instead allow it to settle into its natural position, with your elbows at 90-degree angles and your hands lightly resting on your keyboard, without over-reaching.

That’s all well and good, however, when your desk is fit for purpose. If the desk is the wrong height or the edges are frayed with use, for example, it might be time to get your own back and get rid of it for good!

NEXT DAY Pulse Desks

Now that you know how much harm your desk has been causing you, you’re probably in the mood for something new. How about one of our Next Day Pulse Desks?

Next Day Pulse Desks are both practical and stylish, coming in a range of colours, styles and, importantly, sizes. You’ll find the perfect desk to suit you and banish “office bod” for good.

With next day delivery, you won’t have to wait long for them to arrive and with add-ons like pedestals, filers and cupboards, you could finally minimalise your workspace too. Check out our full range here and if you need friendly, straightforward advice on choosing the perfect desk to suit you, talk to our sales team who will be happy to help.

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