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December 2nd, 2017
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Work related strain injuries, involve physical discomfort. As a result of this, productivity suffers as employees struggle through with the pain; this can lead to sick time being taken and even employees’ compensation claims. The cost, of this, both in time and money, affects a company’s bottom line, so it is worth a look to check your office areas and office furniture to determine what may need to be changed.

Computer Vision
Even only 2 hours a day staring at a computer monitor could lead to ocular problems.

Eyestrain and dry eye irritation
Blurred vision and headaches

Focus:  Computer Monitor / Computer Desk
Glasses designed for computer use to sharpen type
regularly resting eyes
Glare control / anti glare screen
Computer desk holding the monitor at right angle from window

Most people’s work day is full of pressure. If you are under stress, you are far less likely to pay much attention to posture or other minor irritations. Only when you become aware do you change your habits. These problems and injuries though start to occur over weeks and even months, and by the time you become aware of them your habits are already entrenched.

The fitter you are, the less likely you will be to suffer from ergonomic symptoms. Always make sure you take frequent short breaks and get out of your office chair to stretch your legs.  Move away from your computer desk for a few seconds to close your eyes from your monitor screen.  Get up for a drink of water changing your seating position at your office desk often. Don’t spend your entire night on the internet after spending a full day at the office sitting at your office desk, staring at a monitor, take a walk and if you have a balance ball these are great for working all the muscles that didn’t get any exercise when you were at the office.

Think about this, if you feel you are too busy to stretch away from your office chair for a few minutes in the day you are certainly going to be too busy to take time off to recover from the chronic injuries that may have occurred in your environment from not taking heed of what your body needs. Take measures now to consider all your office furniture working best for your health, in the long run it is very much worth your while.

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