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September 5th, 2018

Thinking about the way people work in your organisation is crucial to your bottom line. Research has shown that a more flexible working environment inevitably leads to happier employees, increased productivity and a more dynamic business.

Technology is often the driving force behind a more flexible working ethos, and it’s becoming increasingly common to see companies opting for things like bring your own devices, working from home and flexible working patterns to create a better work-life balance. Sometimes it’s not just about how they work either; where they work has a huge impact on the results you’re getting.

Flexible office space is more about how you think about your office than what it looks like. A truly flexible office space will have the ability to grow and shrink with the business (crucial in seasonal industries in particular) and to change with you, as your needs change too. Here are some top design tips to building in more flexibility in your workspace, without actually moving your business.

Avoid permanent fixtures

If you want to be more flexible, don’t install things that are going to be a nuisance to change. Fixing things to the wall or installing unmovable technology instantly renders that area of your office unable to change. Instead, opt for modular furniture such as our BN Velum Modular Reception Desks, which can be moved or rearranged as the need takes you, and invest in soundproof screens and room dividers so you can create new areas, quiet corners and training spaces as and when you need to.

Assess the space you have

How much space is given over to meeting rooms in your building? Do they have to be meeting rooms all the time? Thinking more flexibly will allow you to think outside of the box and see those two empty rooms not as meeting rooms waiting for a meeting, but simply more office space waiting for more occupants. If you’re unlikely to need a room for some time, why not rent a room out to another business to claw back some of your wasted expenses?

Use furniture to make defined spaces

You don’t always need to buy new items of furniture every time you have a different need. Instead, use the furniture you have to create new spaces, to define areas and to increase available workspaces. If you use one of our

BN Velum Modular Reception Desks

A modular reception desk lets you change configuration to suit your changing needs.

, for example, there are thousands of ways you can arrange the elements to create larger or smaller workspaces, to divide up rooms or to seat more people.

Flexible office space doesn’t need to be all about renting trendy offices in the city centre. Often the offices we have ourselves already have plenty of flexible potential, we just need to change the way we think.

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