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Congratulations on your new job, but what should you take on your first day?

Making a great impression on your first day in a new job is important. New employees want to hit the ground running and show their new colleagues what they are capable of from the minute they set foot in their new office. Every week, brand new employees sit down at Malbec Walnut Office Desks and hope that their first day goes well. Why leave something as important as this to chance? Here are some suggestions for what you could take with you to make an impressive start on your first day.

What you need on your first day in a new job

Turning up at a new job is daunting. Everyone else knows each other and you are the outsider. There are files full of policies and procedures to memorise and you have to try and remember everyone’s name! This is when you need a sticky note set. No office desk is complete without one. You can jot down names of new colleagues, mark important sections in huge reports and post reminders on your monitor.

Now you need to get organised. You can keep your stationary in one place, and easily accessible, with a desk organiser. It can be as elaborate or as simple as you like and can reflect your personality. Choose from traditional sleek black designs for a sophisticated feel or a whacky novelty model that will cheer you up on a Monday morning.

Don’t forget that you need to eat and drink! Dehydration is a common problem for office workers so make sure that you always have some water to hand. Pop out and buy a refillable water bottle and you can do your bit for the environment at the same time as looking after your health. Taking regular sips of water throughout the day will help your concentration and keep you focused.

If you are popping out during your lunch break to grab a bite to eat or to do some shopping you will need an umbrella. Get a compact version that you keep in your bottom drawer for those lunch time downpours that can soak you to the skin and make you look a little foolish when you get back to your desk!

Stationary will probably be supplied by your employer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take your own fun highlighters or special pen. Take a new diary as well, as you’ll need to keep track of meetings, holidays and events. Choose a diary with space for important notes, as you’ll be bombarded with phone numbers, security codes and other vital information during these first few days.

It can be nice to take a small gift to share on your first day too. Rather than cake or biscuits, recognise that some employees may be watching their weight or may have dietary issues that excludes them from sweet treats. Instead, opt for some fruit, like a big bunch of grapes or a punnet of strawberries. You’ll make a good impression with the boss for your healthy choices, and will make a great impression on your co-workers too.

Finally, remember that you will be sitting at your desk for several hours and during this time your personal phone will be working away in the background receiving social media updates and texts. The last thing you want is for it to run out of battery so that you can’t use it on the way home. Avoid this by keeping a phone charger in your desk drawer for emergencies.

Malbec Walnut Office Desks for all new employees

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