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There is so much choice when deciding on office furniture these days.  Office desks come in all sorts of materials, sizes and colours.  The same can be said for office chairs and computer desks.
There are some considerations to make before you choose office furniture that is best suited for your purpose; typically, these include the location of artificial or natural lighting, space, noise levels, and the ergonomic qualities of office furniture items, yours or your employees’ tasks, mobility of office furniture items, durability and colour schemes.

Recent research suggests the most common factor which is often overlooked is to ensuring office desks, chairs, computer desks and various other office items are adjustable to various heights.
If your office has been well planned and you have purchased office furniture that is versatile you will inevitably get more out of your staff and your office space.
Quite often it is the larger organisations and corporations who will call in professional designers to plan their office space and office furniture.
If certain floor coverings are used in an office it is possible to minimize noise and by using warmer colours such as yellows you can make the office feel brighter and lighter.

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  • Blockboard

    Blockboard  is made up of square wood strips, glued together.  It is either an alternative laminate board which rather than having a core formed of wood particles or strips, or may form the surface of furniture.

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