These things are often taken for granted as they just serve their purpose, they are always there and it is not often that they break. Office cabinets are the backbone of office furniture. They are the items that get replaced less regularly because there is less wear and tear.   Filing or storage cabinets are probably the oldest pieces of furniture in your office and are only ever changed if there is a sudden need for expansion or to fit with new décor (but save that for the creative types).  It is vital that you look at your next filing cabinet purchase and buy something that will be fit for its purpose for a while to come.

The majority of offices use filing cabinets for; paperwork, files and sometimes for storing and will normally be made from metal or wood.  Metal is the most common, as it is easier to transport, lighter than wood and generally lasts for a long time. Wood is less common, much heavier, may require treatment to extend its life and is far more expensive.

Understandably, most storage and filing cabinets will be metal.  However, there is an argument for wood and it is in the aesthetics.  They are far ‘warmer’ and friendlier to the eye compared to their sometimes ‘cold looking’ metal counterparts.

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