Fashion inspires office furniture

November 26th, 2017
Office Furniture Online

Office Furniture Online

Interior designers such as Elizabeth Lowrey Clapp who have designed and planned many offices in the USA are directly inspired by current fashions. Elizabeth’s clients include banks and many biotechnology companies.  The uniqueness of Elizabeth’s office furniture designs are due to her direct influences from the runways of the fashion capitals of New York, Paris and Milan.

It also seems that it is not only Elizabeth Lowrey who is producing fashionable office furniture and office designs, as many designers have found the same subject to be just as inspiring to their work.

Lighting up the drab office with interesting patterns and fabrics can really brighten up the day and lift spirits.  Now that office workers are more fashion conscious there are more fashionable trends adapted to office décor and office furniture these days.

It is a fact that fashionable office furniture is becoming increasingly more commonplace in the office and has gained acceptance by most businesses.

To achieve a unique character for your organisation, cutting edge decoration and office furniture items will ‘wow’ visitors and improve your workers productivity levels.  As long as this remains the case then interior decorators such as Elizabeth Lowrey Clapp will always be in demand.

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