October 21st, 2017
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The ergonomics experts strongly suggest a padded and adjustable height seat for an office chair, and an office desk with sufficient room to use a mouse and keyboard comfortably as the best solution. The computer monitor should be at the very least 45cm away from your face and the top of the screen should be at eye level on your office desk.

In some schools children are expected to peer upwards at monitors, which are positioned way above their heads, or sit inches away from the screen. Children are working at cluttered computer desks with no room to use a mouse properly and they sit on ordinary school chairs rather than an ergonomic office chair which has been produced for this purpose. In some schools children work a keyboard while sitting on laboratory stools so they have no back support at all, which is now seen as critical in an office chair that supports a person who is working on a computer for long periods of time.

In Scandinavia, schools provide height adjustable office desks with tilting desktops. Office chairs are used and are adjustable and ergonomically designed which takes into account the s shaped curves of the spine. In stark contrast though much of the office furniture in UK schools consists of a flat table and plastic bucket shaped chairs rather than an ergonomic office chair.

Now, with the increasing use of laptops this will make the problem worse. A lap is actually the last place to put a computer it should firmly be on a desk top and preferably an ergonomic office desk top, unless you particularly want your child to develop neck and back problems.

City Technology College, Nottingham knows the risks and has an ongoing programme to equip all of its computer workstations with adjustable ergonomic office chairs.

Schools claim that children in the classroom are not comparable with adult computer users sat in an ergonomic office chair who spend all day at a computer.

However, we know little about the effect of poor posture on a growing body. We do know that badly designed computer desks and workstations give adults disabling back pain and increasing numbers of children are starting to report similar symptoms.
What can help?

Advice: Look out for an adjustable-height computer monitor and an office chair that offers some support to the lower back. Ideally provide office chairs on castors that allow a person to swivel around without twisting their body.

Advice:  Look for an adjustable height office desk that sits your computer at the right eye level to avoid eye and neck strain.

Advice:  Ensure the office desk or computer desk is of the right size to allow the person to use a mouse effectively and not to twist their body whilst working.

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