Ergonomics make good sense

July 28th, 2017

It’s so annoying when your computer monitor is in the wrong position and you have to squint or move your head awkwardly to read it.  No one can work like this long term without enduring back and neck pain.  Ergonomics is key, even simply being aware of it makes a difference.  Ideally, you should be looking for an ergonomic office chair and maybe even an ergonomic office desk.

Actually, it is best not to skimp on the money aspect because it will have a direct affect on your health and your office chair will soon become your worst enemy giving you aches in places you forgot you had!

Having your computer screen placed in the right position, you need to maintain a neutral position with your head and neck.  This means that you should be looking straight ahead and not up and down or side to side so it is better to have a computer desk that is adjustable and allows your screen to be at eye level.  Having this, and the ability to move the screen from left to right in order to avoid screen glare is the perfect combination and the perfect element to look for in a computer desk.

Due to the ergonomics associated with wrists and arms it is now common knowledge that your keyboard should be lowered towards your lap so you can place your arms down at either side of you.  Good computer desks will have a pull out tray that is at the perfect level to achieve it.

You really should take the office chair seriously when you come to choose one.  Eight hours a day in an office chair that has no arm support, no proper back support and a seat that cuts off the circulation in your legs is no fun.  If you respect your body, get some good support for it and choose an office chair that provides you with as much comfort as possible because you need to want to sit in it.

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