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Sitting comfortably could actually improve productivity

Ergonomics has taught us much about the value of looking after our health and wellbeing at work. However, employers are increasingly learning the value of using ergonomics to put employees’ wellbeing front and foremost and many of them are reaping the rewards.

While sickness absence is the most obvious example of where wellness affects business performance, but canny employers are benefitting in other ways too. Looking after employee wellness boosts morale at a time when many workers are being asked to do more work and work longer hours.

Safeguarding the welfare of staff proves corporate responsibility, which can be a key factor in clients’ decision making processes these days – corporate responsibility suggests responsibility in other areas and decreases risk.

On top of that, a well-designed, ergonomic workspace not only reducing the chances of physical problems in workers – it also contributes significantly to lowering stress across the workforce, improving productivity and, of course, retention of staff.

Luckily, it’s easy to implement changes that improve ergonomics in the office.

Top tips for improving productivity through ergonomics

Look after eyesight

Age-related eyesight problems affect us all but many eye conditions are worsened by long periods of VDUs and monitors. Luckily technology in this area has improved greatly, with flicker-free, high-resolution monitors now easily affordable.

Make sure that your monitors are all up-to-date and ensure that employees know how to adjust them to best suit their working styles.

Reduce aches and pains

Don’t skimp on chairs when it comes to office furniture. When buying in bulk it can be tempting to try and cut costs here but think about what you’re doing to your employees’ health. Modern, ergonomically designed chairs that are fully adjustable and have lumbar support are crucial to preventing aches and pains in employees that sit for long periods of time.

Improve storage space

If employees don’t have enough storage space, they’ll be stretching and reaching constantly across piles of documents and equipment. Invest in good quality storage that results in less clutter and leaves staff free to set up their desktops as they wish.

Carry out a furniture audit

How old is your current furniture? Is it up to modern design and ergonomic standards? Are your desks adjustable and suited to the work your staff carries out? Do you have the option of sit-stand chairs that encourage movement throughout the day?

Don’t know the answer to these questions? It’s time you carried out a full furniture audit and considered upgrading.

Help staff to look after themselves

While it’s important that you assess the ergonomics of your office environment, it’s also crucial that you deliver training to your staff that keeps them up to date with ergonomics and allows them to look after themselves.

Monitor Arms can improve productivity

One feature that can boost productivity is adjustable monitor arms. Having monitor arms that are fully adjustable allows employees to sit their monitor in the perfect position – no more craning or stretching to see the screen!

We carry a wide range of monitor arms, from single stands to rail fixings and multi-screen arms. They come in a variety of hard-wearing materials and great designs that suit any office. Our full range can be seen here and if you’d like some advice on choosing the perfect configurations, chat with our sales team.

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