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A lot of attention is paid to the consideration of staff health and comfort when it comes to furnishing an office and sometimes the company executives come last on the list. However, executives are just as liable to suffer discomfort and back problems if they have the wrong type of office chair as are the rest of your staff.

If you are looking around for some new office furniture then you might want to consider one of the very good, egonomic, executive office chairs on the market at the moment. Sometimes there is a tendency to concentrate on clients’ perception of an office, and this can be seen in the sectional sofas and side tables in some executive’s offices. What is needed is more attention to your own comfort while you are at work, and an ergonomic executive office chair should be a priority.

Ergonomic, executive chairs are not only very comfortable with their arm rests and adjustable height and back rests, they are often comfortable and plush looking. Some of the latest executive chairs also have a recline feature, useful for directors who spend too long in the office as you can at least relax a bit while you are working. Executive office chairs with ergonomic features come in a variety of styles and sizes so you are sure to find something that caters for your particular needs.

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  • Boat Shape Table Top

    A boat shape table top is a rectangular shaped table top design that has 2 short sides that are flat and 2 long sides that are bowed outward in a convex shape.  This table top design allows for better visibility of all participants sitting around a long conference table, supporting better progress in meetings.

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