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What can you do to help your receptionist maximise their efficiency?

Having an ‘on the ball’, efficient receptionist operating your front of house can make all the difference to your business. From managing appointments to ensuring visitors are greeted warmly, your receptionist is often the first experience people have with your brand, and first impressions count.

If you feel your receptionist is always in a flap, never where they should be or seems to be permanently stressed, take a step back and, instead of apportioning blame, consider what you could be doing to help them. Here are some key ideas to getting your receptionist back on track and more efficient.

  • Reduce the paperwork

Receptionists who are constantly drowning under piles of papers don’t get the opportunity to do their job well. Ask yourself if your receptionist is primarily an administrator, or your front of house person. If they are your front of house, they should be able to pass post, filing, invoices and other pieces of paper to someone else to handle, leaving them free to greet visitors and answer the phone.

  • Give them more space

Receptionists frequently need to be doing several things at once; managing two or three different diaries, responding to emails, manning the telephones, greeting people who enter the building and often much more. If they are trying to manage on a teeny tiny desk, things are going to get cluttered and disorganised. Invest in a generously proportioned reception desk to help them keep everything under control.

  • Change your culture

Are people constantly giving your receptionist extra jobs to do? Do they frequently pop into reception with things on post-it notes or scraps of paper, detailing people to call or letters to send? This kind of ad-hoc interference makes it impossible for your receptionist to do their job properly, so look for a change in office culture. Perhaps staff could only give additional tasks to the receptionist once a day, or jobs could be sent on email for them to deal with when they have time.

  • Make the reception area nicer

Dealing with grumpy visitors or impatient clients is never fun, so make it easy for your receptionist to placate people by making reception a nice place to wait. Comfortable seating, such as the Nowy Styl Reception Furniture range, as well as reading material, refreshments and WIFI can all add a welcoming touch and keep people happy while they wait for their meeting.

  • Go digital

In today’s modern workplace, moving as many workflows to digital as possible will make your receptionists job a thousand times easier. With a little planning, you should be able to do more on email, intranet and suchlike, reducing the paperwork there is to handle and freeing your receptionists time for their core activities.

Without doubt, your receptionist does not want to feel flustered and stressed and will welcome your assistance to make their job easier and more efficient. Take a look at our range of Nowy Styl Reception Furniture to see how you can improve the physical area in which they work, and review practices with them to better understand where inefficiencies are occurring.

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