Learning at Work Day, is an annual national awareness campaign which has been designed to emphasise how important it is to continue learning in the workplace.

The campaign has been sponsored for a number of years by the Government and co-ordinated through the Campaign For Learning (CFL). Some of the main activities encouraged include job swaps.

If the company that you work for is participating this year you could get the chance to swap office chairs with your boss.

Or perhaps you would like your boss to swap places with you and sit at your office desk all day doing your job – after all this could be one way that you may get recognised for all the work that you do.

Last year, over 100,000 employees took part in the campaign and the CFL is planning for an increase in participants this year and they hope to encourage more employers to adopt their innovative learning strategy for their staff.  One of the organisations that has signed up to participate is AA Motoring who have also come up with their own Learning Maze which is an interactive exhibition which explores the many ways that employees deal with customers.

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