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Think you need to splash out on high end designer goods to make your office luxurious? Maybe not…

It’s a catch 22 situation; you want your office to look plush and you want your employees to feel valued, but you’re up against a tight budget and can’t splash the cash on designer touches. What can you do?

Thankfully there are some ways to give the impression of a more luxurious working environment, without breaking the bank. Here are some inspirational ideas to add a touch of class to your office interior which every business can afford.

What does luxury look like?

Ask yourself what a luxury office looks like. Is there a place you’ve visited which you aspire to recreate yourself, or perhaps you’ve seen something online that caught your eye? Revisit whatever inspired you in the first place and take note of what they’ve done that gives that luxury touch.

Maybe it was a few leather sofas, or the addition of striking plants around the room. Perhaps they had some amazing artwork on the walls or had harnessed the open plan thing better than you feel you did. Start honing down what luxury means to you and assess what’s achievable in the space you have and what isn’t.

Do you have space?

Space is often the defining factor of a luxury office environment. The big expanses of open areas, the addition of leather sofas and meeting pods almost scream out ‘this company is so rich, it doesn’t even need to use its floor space efficiently’! In the real world, however, most of us are not blessed with acres of spare space. Working with limited space is a typical challenge for office design and can often lead to having every spare inch taken up by desks and chairs, with very little room for design at all.

The solution to this is to plan your office in a more efficient style. Consider how much space each worker really needs and invest in ergonomic office furniture to make people comfortable without taking up too much space. Lots of natural light can help create the illusion of space too, so clean off those windows and supplement with electric lighting in dark corners.

Could you brighten things up?

Offices are typically shades of grey, with the odd splash of dark blue or brown, creating, at best, a depressing pallet of hues. Modern, luxury offices tend to brighten things up, with the introduction of sunny yellows, lurid limes and opulent oranges. In fact, some colours have been shown to increase employee motivation, so you could end up with a more productive workforce too.

Colours on the walls and floors can really cheer up your office, and if you stick to your corporate branding colours, can make it more impressive for visitors too. Be careful if you’re planning to add some colour, however, as there is such thing as too much of a good thing.

Sometimes it’s the little touches that count

Often luxury doesn’t have to mean a massive investment. Simply replacing the plastic chairs in the staff room with leather sofas, buying in good quality tea and coffee and giving people a space to store their belongings securely can be enough to show you value them. Discover more ways to make your office luxurious for less on our website.


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