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Meeting a client at home can be daunting; here’s how to make it work

If you’ve binned the nine to five in favour of working for yourself, good on you. But here’s your next big challenge; creating a home office which not only works well for you but in which you can greet and meet with your clients in a professional manner. Dirty dishes, pet hair and laundry baskets begone! It’s time to create a gorgeously professional home office that will be the envy of all your cubicle dwelling workmates.

  • Pick the right location

Having an office in your home can be challenging, but if you’ve got the means to dedicate a whole room to your new business, make it the right one. Having your office near to your front door can avoid clients trapesing through your home to get to your business zone, or you could even build a purpose designed summerhouse in the garden to take care of your enterprise.

  • Get the lighting perfect

Beware of the position of your windows, as they can make or break a useful home office. Natural light is great but having your back to a window can create disruptive glare on your screen and cause eye strain. Facing a window where the sun floods in all day is not great either, as you won’t be able to see a thing unless you draw the blinds. Rooflights are ideal for clear light throughout the day or consider installing solar film on your glass to stop the glare.

  • Make sure you have enough storage

Storage is key. As much as a desk is a home office staple, bookcases, cabinets and shelves are crucial too. Having piles of folders and paperwork all over the place is not presenting the professional image you want, so think about the physical things you need to store and make sure there’s a place for everything.

  • Minimise distractions

It’s hard to stay focussed when working at home, so do what you can to minimise the reasons you might have for procrastinating. If you tend to gaze out of the window, position your desk so you can’t see it. If you need lots of tea and coffee, provide facilities within the office. Try and situate your room in a quiet part of the house, and let children and partners know that when you’re working, you shouldn’t be interrupted every five minutes.

  • Invest in good furniture

If you’re planning to grab the cheapest desk you can from your local flat pack supplier, don’t. Nothing says ‘shoddy’ quite like rubbish furniture and keeping in mind you’re hoping to be working here for some time, plump for good quality furniture that will last a lifetime. Our range of Cavalli Solid Oak Home Office furniture is a great choice for quality and timeless elegance that will project the perfect image.

If you need more advice on designing a perfect home office, why not pick up the phone and talk to our experienced team? Our Cavalli Solid Oak Home Office range is a popular choice for affordable luxury, but we have many more options available to suit your style and taste. Call today for expert support and let us help you create the office of your dreams.

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