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Could your shed be the home office you’ve always dreamed of?

Working from home does not mean that you have to compromise on style. Your colleagues at the city-centre office are not the only ones who deserve a sleek, modern workspace where they can build their reputations. With the rise of home-working, there are now plenty of office products that you can use to kit out an on-trend workspace in your own home.

Home working is becoming increasingly popular as employers offer flexible working arrangements and thousands of people start up their own businesses in their own houses. All you need is a well-designed and equipped space where you can be both comfortable and productive.

Fitting next day UCLIC Create Desks into your home office

The design trend for home office space is minimalism. You may get away with a cluttered desk at work but at home you need to be organised and think carefully about what you actually need. Every inch that you use for work is space that you have taken out of use for the rest of the home – so give it some careful thought. What kind of computer will take up less space? How can you maximise your filing system? Where can you locate your new next day UCLIC Create Desks to make the most of the space that you have?

One radical design concept that is gaining popularity is a move away from designating just one space in your home for work. Instead, you could have several smaller work areas in several rooms. How about a standing desk (a desk that you use whilst standing up) in the kitchen?  Could your fridge double up as a white board? This is not for everyone and could cause problems for families with young children. However, if you live alone or with other young professionals there could be great benefits in blurring the lines that divide work and home. You could get that report finalised at the same time as preparing dinner.

Move up the promotion ladder and into the shed

The shed is no longer the preserve of DIY enthusiasts and grandfathers. Many sheds are now home to next day UCLIC Create Desks and are the centre of thriving enterprises. Working in the shed gives the illusion that you are ‘going’ to work because you are leaving the house. This can help you shift into work mode at the start of the day and help you to switch off when you turn the shed lights off at the end of the day. Once you have sorted out light and heating, a shed can be a great little office space.

The shed is separate from the house so you can let your imagination run wild when it comes to choosing décor. The self-build models are very reasonably priced and only take few hours to set up. Why not kit out your shed office from the huge range of office products at Office Furniture Online? With just a small investment you can create an attractive space to call your own.

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