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Gary Carr, marketing Manager at Bisley’s, recently stated that consumers’ buying patterns for office furniture have changed dramatically over the years and now are designed to accommodate the current environment concerns, he stated that consumers demand “Don’t just give us a cabinet, give us corporate responsibility.”

Bisley sent questionnaires to all their clients and one of the main concerns that had been highlighted by respondents was that they look for wood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council so they know it is from ethical sources.

Bisley then decided to calculate the CO2 emissions on every single one of their products with the help of Office Furniture Manufacturers Association (Offma) and combined their testing and research with figures available from the Department for Environment and Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) along with essential data from the World Business Council.

Now all the environmental figures are available for each product and so a consumer can check to see how much in terms of emissions were generated during the products’ manufacturing and shipping process.

The company is expecting that providing more information on office furniture items will help to inform their customers what information they will need to know before they purchase their office furniture items.

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