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Could you brighten up your office with some modern artificial plants?

Back in the 70’s, artificial plants were all the rage. From faux ferns to plastic cheese plants, homes and offices everywhere sported bucket loads of them. But after a while, their dusty leaves and plastic stems fell out of favour, and people stopped loving the look of them.

As with any trend, things tend to go around, and right now we’re seeing an exponential rise in popularity of artificial plants, fake flowers and faux botanicals, as the millennial generation start to realise the amazing possibilities of low maintenance greenery.

Fuelled by social media, the surge in popularity of artificial plants has led to a plethora of how-to’s, artful images and vlogs of fake flower weddings. In terms of quality, things have really moved on from the plastic and silk monstrosities of the 1970’s, and todays artificial plants are actually very hard to tell from the real thing.

If you’re keen to introduce some plants into your home or business, but you’re not the most green fingered person, artificial alternatives could be a great solution for you.

What’s so great about artificial plants?

If you’re still on the fence regarding fake foliage, let’s take a look at some of the positives about investing in artificial plants, whether for your office, your home or for a special occasion such as (dare we say it?) your wedding!

  • They look really realistic

Honestly, you’d be surprised at how far artificial plants have come in the past few years. Be prepared for people to bend down to smell your flowers, because thanks to new technology and advances in design and materials, today’s artificial offerings are far more realistic than those dusty old things from yesteryear.

  • They are very low maintenance

There’s no watering, no feeding and no risk of bugs. If you’re not particularly green fingered, or have a track record of killing your plants, this could be a great way to ensure they look their best every day, no matter how much you neglect them. Dusting helps to keep them looking amazing, but they aren’t going to keel over if you forget.

  • They can boost mood, although not as much as real ones

Living plants are well known to be mood and productivity boosting, and they can even take allergens and pollutants out of the air. Obviously fake plants can’t do that, but simply having more green in your life can definitely boost your mood and make you feel calmer and more relaxed.

  • You can keep them forever

If we’re talking about flowers here, you’ll already be painfully aware of just how short-lived bouquets and arrangements can be. Investing in artificial flowers means it’s an investment you can enjoy forever, with no wilting possible. More and more brides are choosing artificial flowers for their wedding for exactly that reason because they are able to keep their bouquet and enjoy it forever.

If you’re keen to brighten up your space but without the commitment of looking after a living plant, check out our range of artificial plants to see just what you could enjoy. From orchids to palms, flowers to topiary for outside, we’ll help you bring nature into your home or workplace for good.

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