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Colours can make all the difference to your employees.

Give some careful thought to your choice of colour scheme for your workspace. Don’t fall into the trap of choosing what is on offer at the building supplies merchant. By carefully selecting a suitable colour scheme and kitting out the work areas with next day Blaze Office Desks you can create an uplifting, inspiring environment where productivity will soar. Research is revealing that people are highly sensitive to the colour of their environment. Which colour do you need in your workspace?

Selecting the best colour scheme for your work space

Before you order your next day Blaze Office Desks, take a few hours to consider what you want to achieve from the environment in which you, and your employees, work. Here are some pointers that will help you choose:

  • Go green for creativity. If you work in the creative industries, shades of green could be the best choice. Green facilitates a creative atmosphere where innovative ideas can be nurtured and flourish.
  • Keep everyone happy with blue. Most people like blue – very few people will be put off by it or find it unpleasant. Therefore, it may be the best choice for you if you have a lot of visitors to your work place. Painting your public areas blue should keep the majority of people happy!
  • Get a bargain with orange. Do you want your clients to feel that they are getting good value for money? Orange is associated with low cost and good value so pick this colour if you are selling goods. Your customers will go away happy.
  • Yellow is a risk, do you want to take it? Yellow is a colour that people either love or hate. Of course, there are many different shades ranging from deep mustard to a bight citrus lemon. People may like one of them, all of them, or none at all. If you are decorating an office for one yellow-loving member of staff then this may work. It may not be the best choice for a shared office space.
  • Calm the space down with pink. If you have an area where things can get heated, the board room for example, then pink may be the ideal colour. It has the effect of draining excess energy and creating a relaxing atmosphere. On the other hand, this may be the exact opposite of what you want in a busy office!

You can choose different colours for different areas of your workplace to create your desired effect and facilitate a productive work environment.

How can next day next day Blaze Office Desks fit into your colour scheme?

Once you have selected the right décor for you, you can put in an order at Office Furniture Online. You can browse the huge range of office furniture and products and select desks and chairs that fit in perfectly with your new look. Before you know it, your office space will have a complete make over and your new look will impress your clients.

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