Coffee at work

Is having a coffee at work can be a lifesaver, but is it doing you more harm than good?

Heading straight for the coffee machine is common way to start the working day. Thousands of employees (and bosses) cannot even open an email without reaching for the caffeine-laden beverage. However, as a nation of coffee-addicts slumped at our Aspect Bench Desks are we missing out on something? Before you head off for your third or fourth coffee of the day here are some things that you should know.

5 ways coffee is affecting your performance

That morning cuppa could be affecting you in more ways than you realise. Take a look at what caffeine does to your body.

  1. It makes us less tired. This is because caffeine blocks adenosine – the natural chemical which makes us feel drowsy. This, in turn, can make us feel more alert and improve our productivity. However, everyone responds differently to caffeine. Some of us feel very alert after a strong coffee whilst others feel no different. The end result is also controlled by the amount of caffeine that you have drunk, your body mass index, your age and how you sleep.
  2. Too much will stop you from sleeping. There is no doubt that over-doing the coffee during the working day can stop you from falling asleep easily at night. You wake up irritable and tired the next morning and need more coffee to get you through the working day. This can lead to an unhealthy cycle that can result in chronic exhaustion. Take a few days off and break the cycle.
  3. It makes you more assertive. If you have a big meeting coming up where you know you will have to stand your ground against some stiff opposition, it could be the right time to knock back an espresso. It will make you more assertive and determined and that can be a good thing in some workplace situations. However, watch out if you’re becoming overly assertive with your colleagues; it’s not a good way to manage relationships.
  4. It raises adrenaline levels and blood pressure. High adrenaline levels are fine in a short-lived emergency situations, but over a prolonged period of time it can be damaging to health. The same is true for high blood pressure which increases your risk of a stroke and heart attacks.
  5. It can be an aid to learning. Caffeine helps you to focus entirely on what you are trying to do and that can help when you are trying to take in a lot of information. However, if you overdo it, you could become too wired and unable to concentrate on anything.

The key here is balance. Use caffeine to get what you want out of work but do not become dependent on it.

Make your Aspect Bench Desks a coffee free zone

You could try to make your desk a healthier place. Leave the strong coffee in staff lounge and take only water or pure juice back to your desk. Combine your new healthy regime with some micro-exercises as you work. Take a break every 20 minutes to stretch your back and your neck.

If you want to invest in some new ergonomic office furniture to go with your healthy lifestyle, visit Office Furniture Online to check out the full range of Aspect Bench Desks and ergonomic chairs.

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